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Convenient Local Pickup and Nationwide Shipping Available!
Convenient Local Pickup and Nationwide Shipping Available!


Our inventory is all sourced locally. We mill the logs and then vacuum kiln dry the slabs, mantles and dimensional lumber. Many of the slabs have been surfaced and we can surface what you purchase for an incremental charge.

Slabs can be up to 18’ in length and 12” to 80” wide. Rough slabs will be 2¼” thick and surfaced slabs will be 17/8” to 2” thick.

Mantle lengths range 60” to 96”, heights range 4” to 8” and depths range 4” to 12”.

Dimensional hardwood lumber is all 1” thick, generally 10’ long and widths range from 4” to 6”. All dimensional lumber is rough.

Limited ‘cookies’ are available.

Artisan pieces are also available for small projects.

Available in the Showroom

Ash, Curly Spalted Beech, Beech, Box Elder, Catalpa, California Incense Cedar, Cedar of Lebanon, Cherry, Red Elm, American Elm, Sweet Gum, Hackberry, Hickory, Burled Mulberry, Ambrosia Maple, Sugar Maple, Spalted Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Himalayan Pine, Sycamore, and Black Walnut.

Inventory changes rapidly so please visit the showroom or contact us.