Joined Slab or Single Live Edge Slab?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

With the many options for sourcing and processing lumber, which slab is best for your project?

When it comes to slabs of lumber there are vast selection options.  In today’s environment, most people prefer a single piece wide live edge slab. However; that doesn’t necessarily mean that a one piece slab is the best option for you.

With a one piece slab you don’t have as many glue joints and visible grain interruption, but you could have a weakening of the wood structure itself. Contrary to the single slab, a glued slab will have a bond that is much more controlled.

Since choices are many, what is a good size range for single live edge slabs? A good measure for the greater Ohio region is somewhere between 20” and 36” wide, with an occasional 48” to 60” wide monster slab! Keep In mind that most of the sawyers have a width limitation of 24”-30” with their sawmills, so slabs exceeding those widths may be hard to find. The lengths can range anywhere from 6’ to 14’ or even longer.

Speaking of the Ohio region, we have some of the most amazing hardwood in the country! Our Walnut ranks among the top for color and size.  We have an abundance of Oaks to choose from.  Maple is plentiful.  Sycamore grows wild and huge, and we can still source some Ash, Hickory, and Sassafras locally!

Let’s talk about some of the uses for these large slabs. Tables are the most popular choices, they range from coffee, dining, end, sofa and many other specialty tables. Then we have deals tops, bar tops, hearths, and let’s not forget custom headboards!

Always remember, if you are going to use these slabs inside your home or business, please have them kiln dried so you do not transport bugs geographically or inside your home. Aside from drying the lumber, you will want to finish it.

You have many finish choices, from oiling, painting, staining or polyurethane finishes. All of these hardwoods will accept finishes, you just need to figure out which look you will be most happy with.  You can click here to be inspired by some of the projects our customers have completed.

Interested in learning more about how we source, vacuum kiln dry, or sell our live edge slab?  Please give us a call at (513) 581-0361 or use the form on our Contact Us page to reach out.

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