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Convenient Local Pickup and Nationwide Shipping Available!
Convenient Local Pickup and Nationwide Shipping Available!

Vacuum Kiln Drying for Wood: Efficient and Effective

At Ohio Wood Connection, we specialize in vacuum kiln drying. If you have wood that needs drying, reach out to us at 513.581.0361 or use our contact form.

Vacuum drying isn’t new—it dates back to the early 1900s. However, significant research on this method began in the mid-1980s. In vacuum drying, wood is placed in an airtight vessel under reduced pressure, with heat applied through various methods.

What sets vacuum kiln drying apart from conventional methods is its superior water migration in the longitudinal direction. This rapid water removal leads to fewer defects, shorter drying times (especially for hardwoods and large slabs), better color preservation, and higher energy efficiency. Additionally, there’s minimal loss of volatile organic compounds. Vacuum drying is particularly suited for high-value lumber, such as large slabs and specialty applications.

As demand grows for streamlined supply chains and customized products, vacuum kiln drying is poised to become a mainstream wood-drying technique.